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Petty Theft


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If you are charged in a criminal case, know your rights. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible before you go to court, even for a first offense. You have a right to an attorney even if you cannot afford one. Don't go to court alone or plead guilty without legal advice. A criminal conviction can cause employment, immigration, or professional license problems. With the right legal help, it might be possible to get your case reduced to a lower charge or even dismissed. Most first offenses are resolved with a fine payment, community service, or weekend work time without jail. If you are charged with petty theft (shoplifting), you might be eligible for a diversion program that allows you to take a class and have your case dismissed. Old convictions can be cleared (expunged) from your record if you have paid your fine, are no longer on probation, and have completed the other requirements of your case. Talk to a lawyer before you make any decisions or miss any deadlines.

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